Hello everybody! My name is Anastasia and I'm from a small town, located in the Ukraine. From childhood I was fond of handmade stuff - embroidering, knitting, crochet, sculpted and even tried a whole bunch. Much love, I called beads. I loved anything to do with it. I often going over it, laid out on the ground, sorted. It was a kind of meditation for me. Then came high school, first love, the university and I threw it for years.
One day, looking through some pictures on the internet, I came across a beautiful thing that made me the unknown in the art. These threads interwoven jewelry with beads and stones and formed amazing patterns. I am interested in this technique, which is called soutache. So it all started. I started learning workshops that found on the Internet and the next day went and bought the necessary materials. The first products in soutache techniques were crooked and making several works again I postponed it indefinitely.
While I studied at the university and at the same time looking for part-time jobs. Finding the opportunity to work in a furniture store I was very happy. I spent a bunch of time, effort and nerves on probation there, but in the end I did not have. The last day at work I showed the girl who worked there, his work and I remembered how it was when I worked. The next day I was fired. I was crushed and incredibly sad, I cry for the needed money. When I came home I got to do. I found incredible necklace that once wanted to repeat. I sat at work 6 days, getting to sleep and eat. I had an incredibly beautiful necklaces. I was ecstatic. Then I wanted more. I bought the necessary materials and made another ornament. And then another and another. That's how I became involved soutache not stop doing it until now. I have learned a lot, but still remains a lot to learn and do.
Soutache became my biggest love in handmade and takes second place in my heart after my husband. I hope you and divide with me my passion. I am happy to do for you and see how you like my work. Thank you all for your kind words and for your happy smile)